Bath Links will go an extra mile in offering you a full scope of bath room remodeling. Our services range from relocating or replacing bathtub/shower areas, rerouting plumbing, intalling suanas and steam rooms, tub to shower conversions adding glass walls and frameless doors, organizational closets, floors,LED lighting and more...




- Great price points

- Free in-Home consultation

- Project Financing offered

- No pushy consultants

- Background cleared employees

- Proffessional project planning
- Quick and timely services



- Tub to Shower conversions

- Easy access showers
- Frameless doors
-  High quality Hardware
- Tub replacement and enclosures
- Shower to closet conversions
- Vanity and medicine cabinets
- Walkin Tubs and steam rooms

- Sinks,floorings,toilets,bedits&more.

​Tub and its enclosure are the foundation of your bathroom as well as a great way to relax and wash away everyday stress and woes. Being the most frequently wet area in the house this part of your bathroom needs to be redone perfectly and only after knowing all your options.Choose from a  variety of options with Bath Links.

stone showers and baths

If you want your shower to stand out, to be maintainence free and to last a lifetime then our non-porous surface green stone product line is the way to go. Not only it gives your shower or bathtub area a rich and classy look you also get a therapeutic feeling to be surrounded by these beautiful seamless, decorative and insulated stone walls. With over twenty solid and aggregate color option we can help you choose the one that will suit your lifestyle.


Acrylic is a highly durable, strong and maintainence free material. It is the same material that motor cycle helmets and interiors of airplanes are made out of. Likewise some of the most expensive high rise property owners in the country have used acrylic bath products to rest assure lifetime performance and prevent costly replacements over the long life cycle of their investments.


At Bath Links we promise our customers to do what is best for them and their home. Our friendly and patient in-home consulting and design team will put in the work that is required to making all the right decisions. We perform on all projects with a passion and thrive to see delighted customers.

We are committed to providing you with he highest level of personalized service so you will always get what you are looking for. Bath Links understands that different property owners have different goals with the property. You may be looking to sell or rent your home or simply trying to accommodate an elderly parent or a school going child, or perhaps just looking to retire and eliminate costly future maintenance and repair costs.

No matter what the goals Bath Links will carefully analyze your situation and suggest and offer solutions that meet your needs and budget. We do not believe that one single product can meet every homeowner needs and goals for that reason we have done our home work in sourcing so many solutions to get you there.

why bath links?

Bath links offers full line of bathroom renovations at all levels, ranging from economy budgets to high-end elegant designs.We maximize your options with all maintainence free seamless acrylic, Stones, and various other green durable products that are usually only offered to hospitality and other commercial applications like spas and high rise constructon. Traditional bathrooms are also available for homeowners who prefer them.


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